Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability committee

Our firm proactively seeks ways to become more sustainable across all facets of our organization, and to help us accomplish this we established the Sun Life Global Investments (SLGI) Sustainability Committee.


Primary goals

Strategic planning


Set Sun Life Global Investment’s strategic direction related to sustainability and ESG

Embedding sustainability


Prioritize key sustainability initiatives across Sun Life Global Investments


Intensifying our voice


Oversee external sustainability communication strategies and market positioning



Track the success of initiatives over time


Influencing change


Determine our active engagement model



Manage reporting to industry-related advocacy groups

Committee members

The Sustainability Committee is comprised of senior leaders from a variety of departments across Sun Life Global Investments, as well as other areas of Sun Life, providing diversity of perspectives and expertise.

  • Oricia Smith, President of SLGI and Chair of the SLGI Sustainability Committee
  • Adelina Romanelli, Manager, Investment Research, Sun Life Global Investments
  • Anne Meloche, Head of Institutional Business, Sun Life Global Investments
  • Carolyn Leering, AVP, HR Business Partner, Sun Life Canada Human Resources
  • Amanda Correa, Head of Marketing, Sun Life Global Investments
  • Joseph Peter, VP, Operational Risk Management, Operations, Sun Life Canada
  • Matt Stern, AVP, Product Development, Sun Life Global Investments
  • Sandra Aldeguer, Sr. Director, Sales and IIC Operations, International Investment Centre

Industry engagement

Sun Life, its subsidiaries and the SLGI Sustainability Committee participate in a number of industry activities in sustainability and sustainable investing as signatory, member, or expert contributor on select topics.  





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