Sustainability commitment

Sustainability at Sun Life Global Investments

In alignment with our parent company Sun Life, Sun Life Global Investments is also committed to creating a sustainable world—for the betterment of our Clients, and society as a whole.

We believe sustainability is the path towards a more resilient environment and inclusive and prosperous society. We recognize that this journey ultimately begins with our own actions, which is why we have developed—and will continually progress—our strategic plan to support this commitment. This plan will ensure sustainability is a key consideration in how we run our business and manage our investments, through seven key goals:

Generate awareness to promote action

Working towards a sustainable ecosystem begins with broadening awareness through education, as individual and collective actions are necessary.

Embed ESG factors into all aspects of the investment decision-making process

We believe that embedding ESG considerations broadens and deepens analysis; this is a prerequisite to shaping authentic sustainable-oriented solutions.

Transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions

We want to be a proactive part of the solution by directing capital towards solutions that promote, foster or align with addressing pressing challenges. This includes supporting the transition to a lower-carbon economy.

Offer sustainability-focused solutions

We are committed to enabling our Clients to share in potential benefits of investing in sustainable-oriented solutions. This also means proactively working to raise familiarity and comfort with these solutions, and ensuring adequate product transparency.

Evolve our DE&I journey

We will continue to take concrete action to further our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives.

Engage with the industry and beyond

Meaningful and lasting progress requires collective, multilateral efforts. We continue to work towards greater collaboration on advocacy and industry-wide initiatives.

Report on our progress

We will remain accountable, reporting on our progress and maintaining transparency.

Sustainability at Sun Life

Sun Life recognizes that sustainability is a strategic imperative. Building a resilient future—one that benefits all stakeholders, as well as the world—is only viable if we implement environmental stability, social well-being and inclusivity, along with strong accountability mechanisms. Sun Life's sustainability plan is rooted in three objectives: increasing financial security, fostering healthier lives, and advancing sustainable investing.

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For the 12th consecutive year, Sun Life has been recognized by Corporate Knights as one of the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations.1

1Corporate Knights is a Toronto-based media and investment research firm with one of largest circulating magazines focused on business, society and clean capitalism. Corporate Knights assessed over 8,000 companies with more than US$1 billion in revenues, narrowing it down to the top 100 performers. Organizations were ranked on several new key performance indicators (KPIs) as a result of the ongoing climate crisis and social concerns raised by COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter. These new KPI’s include paid sick l eave, clean investments, and executive and board racial diversity. Inclusion in this ranking is testament to Sun Life’s rigorous sustainability practices pertaining to carbon productivity, clean revenue and board gender diversity.

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