We have one goal:

To create products designed to help plan sponsors deliver a better retirement for plan members.

We achieve this goal by:

  1. Constructing multi-manager solutions comprised of the managers we believe are best in each category.
  2. Identifying world-class sub-advisors and making their stand-alone funds available to your plan members.

The investment solutions sub-advised by Sun Life Global Investments are available as segregated funds exclusively through Sun Life Group Retirement Services*.

Multi-manager solutions

The Sun Life Global Investments portfolio managers are exclusively focused on manager selection and building managed solutions for Canadians – 100% of their time. Your plan members can benefit from their expertise in a wide variety of solutions, including our flagship Granite family, multi-strategy funds and Milestone funds.

Granite Solutions

We believe your plan members are best served with simple (yet robust) investment solutions that are designed to help them achieve their retirement goals. No matter what stage of life your plan members are at, or what their investment goals are, there is a Granite solution designed to help.

Granite Target Date

Our flagship solutions – and the largest active target date family in Canada.1 They offer broad diversification across asset class, manager, style and market capitalization. Maturities 2020 through 20602, and available as multi-risk.

Granite Target Risk

Portfolios managed to risk tolerance – conservative, moderate, balanced, balanced growth and growth. Plan members just choose their level of comfort and our portfolio managers take care of the rest.

Granite Income

Income is a primary concern for many plan members, especially when approaching retirement. Sun Life Granite income solutions provide steady income through a consistent monthly distribution.


Strives to provide broad diversification in each category in order to help mitigate risk and add value over the long-term. Strategies available:

  • Multi-Strategy Bond
  • Multi-Strategy Core Plus Bond
  • Multi-Strategy Canadian Equity
  • Multi-Strategy Global Equity
  • Multi-Strategy Real Assets


These target date funds provide a powerful shield against the impact of market volatility – providing the opportunity for growth, while at the same time offering downside protection. They have a unique “Guaranteed Maturity Value” that can provide peace of mind for your plan members. Available in maturities 2025 to 20602.

Sub-advised stand-alone solutions

We have selected institutional-quality asset managers from around the world to create a suite of select stand-alone mandates.

*All investment solutions are offered as segregated funds for group retirement plans exclusively by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, through Sun Life Group Retirement Services, a member of the Sun Life group of companies.

1Source: Strategic Insight, 2018 Group Retirement Savings and Pensions Report—Canada. Based on assets under management as of Dec. 31, 2017.

2The 2060 maturity funds were added July 2, 2019. Sun Life Granite 2020 Fund and Sun Life Milestone 2020 Fund are closed to new purchases.Sun Life Granite 2025 Fund and Sun Life Milestone 2025 Fund, DSC option is closed to new purchases as of July 1, 2018. LSC will close in 2022 for the 2025 fund.

3Effective May 24, 2019, the Sun Life Multi-Strategy Target Return fund changed investment objective and sub-advisor to become the Sun Life Opportunistic Fixed Income Fund (sub-advised by Wellington).