Fixed income still matters. And the bonds you pick matter even more.

After a multi-decade bull market in bonds, fixed income has become a decidedly bearish environment. The threat of rising interest rates has caused a spike in yields and driven down the price of longer-dated maturities with startling speed. As well, key central bank rates are effectively at zero, making income generation difficult. And returns aren’t always keeping up with inflation – in fact, real yields are often negative. This article looks at how we are addressing these challenges by broadening our source of returns, and why bonds - despite the current headwinds - should still be considered a key part of your plan members’ portfolios.

Bonds: still a core building block in portfolios

Despite the threat of rising interest rates, we believe that fixed income securities will continue to be important building blocks in target date funds and plan member portfolios. Over time, fixed income securities have provided four key benefits: 

  1. Capital preservation: Higher quality fixed income securities issued by entities such as governments, corporations and financial institutions are an important source of potential capital preservation and security.
  2. Income: The coupon interest payments on fixed income securities are an important source of income for investors. In fact, coupon income provides the majority of returns on fixed income assets. This, in addition to being a buffer against declines in capital when interest rates rise.
  3. Liquidity: Deep secondary markets exist for a broad universe of fixed income securities, allowing investors to readily liquidate or rebalance portfolios.
  4. Diversification: Higher quality fixed income returns have generally shown low correlations to returns from riskier asset classes. Therefore, they may provide portfolio diversification benefits by reducing return variability in a portfolio. 

Looking beyond government bonds for enhanced returns

Given the current market conditions, it can be challenging to generate income, find liquidity and preserve real (inflation adjusted) capital over longer periods. Indeed, Canada’s broad fixed income market currently generates an average annual yield of around 1.7%. This is below the 2% mid-point of the Bank of Canada’s target inflation range of 1% to 3%.

Canada’s broad fixed income market has a strong bias towards high-quality, lower- yielding government issues. And it has a fairly narrow corporate opportunity set, challenging the longer-term return and income generation potential of this traditional core building block. 

FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index

Modified duration 7.92 years
Average yield 1.73%

Source: FTSE. Data as at March 31, 2021.

Given this, a broader source of bond return drivers can play an important role in enhancing returns. To effectively construct such an allocation, we focus on:

  • Building a strong foundation in core Canadian bonds.
  • Investing in a wide range of complementary return sources across rates, geographies, credit and liquidity – potentially helping to generate reasonably consistent excess returns over Canadian bonds.
  • Developing a flexible multi-manager structure that can seamlessly evolve with changing market conditions, both shorter-term tactically, as well as strategically over longer periods.  


We believe that over the long-term fixed income will continue to play a pivotal role in portfolio protection. As such, we continue to take a holistic view of fixed income within the broader portfolio, believing that while interest rates are historically low, fixed income should continue to support portfolio protection and diversification. In addition, positioning within the fixed income market is equally important. And given today’s market conditions, this makes understanding the role of various underlying components of a fixed income portfolio more critical than ever. To that end, the role of multiple building blocks, return sources and tactical asset allocation will be key to navigating the current yield environment.  

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