Sustainability commitment

  • Responsible investing

    Learn more about our approach to responsible investing, including ESG integration and sustainability-focused investing.

  • Climate action

    We’ve committed to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner. 

  • Diversity, equity & inclusion

    We believe that building a diverse and equitable culture is critical to our future. Explore how we achieve DE&I.

  •  Governance & engagement 

    Meet our sustainability committee and learn how we engage with the industry.

“Sustainability needs to become the standard at all companies – our entire ecosystem depends on it. We are taking steps to ensure a better future for our clients and their families – financially, environmentally and socially. And we continue to evolve our sustainability goals to build a better world.”

~Oricia Smith, President, SLGI Asset Management Inc. and Senior-Vice President, Investment Solutions, Sun Life Canada

Our seven key sustainability goals:

Building a sustainable future requires everyone’s attention and participation.

We are committed to inspiring a better tomorrow by broadening awareness through education, insight, and opportunity at an individual level, and collectively across communities. 

As an asset manager, we have a responsibility to act in the best interest of our clients. This extends to our duty as a responsible corporate citizen to help build a better future for our communities and planet.

We believe that embedding ESG considerations into our investment process helps broaden and deepen portfolio analysis; this is a prerequisite to shaping authentic sustainable-oriented solutions that align with investor values, without compromising on performance.  

Learn more about how we embed ESG considerations into our investment process

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and we all have an important role to play in supporting this significant economic and environmental transition.

Signing onto the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative and focusing on engagement instead of divestment are a few ways that demonstrate our proactive commitment to finding a solution. By directing capital towards solutions that help to address climate change, we can deliver ambitious action and investment strategies that will help to achieve the goal of net zero emissions.

Learn more about our road to net zero

We are committed to helping investors express their values through their investment choices, while still meeting their unique investment objectives.

This also means proactively working to raise familiarity and comfort with sustainability-focused solutions, and ensuring full product transparency and reporting.

Learn more about sustainability-focused investing

We embrace diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) because it unleashes creativity, fosters innovation and drives value. Above all, it’s the right thing to do – for our employees, our clients and our communities.

We invite you to follow along as we continue to take concrete action to further our DE&I initiatives.

Meaningful and lasting progress requires collective, multilateral efforts.

Sun Life, its subsidiaries and the Sun Life Global Investments Sustainability Committee continue to work towards greater collaboration by participating in a number of industry activities in sustainability and sustainable investing as signatory, member, or expert contributor on select topics.

Learn more

Informing and inspiring a more sustainable future starts by turning ambition into action.

Holding ourselves accountable, reporting on our progress and maintaining transparency are all ways we hope to lead by example and drive change across the industry and communities.

Our progress

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We have made a lot of progress on our journey toward a more sustainable future. Watch this video to learn what steps we have taken so far.   

Sustainability at Sun Life

Our parent company, Sun Life, recognizes that sustainability is a strategic imperative. Building a resilient future—one that benefits all stakeholders, as well as the world—is only viable if we implement environmental stability, social well-being and inclusivity, along with strong accountability mechanisms. Sun Life's sustainability plan is rooted in three main objectives: increasing financial security, fostering healthier lives, and advancing sustainable investing. 

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