About us

In 2010 Sun Life Global Investments was purpose built to combine the strength of Sun Life with some of the best asset managers in the world. Since then, we’ve become:

  • the third largest manager of defined contribution pension assets in Canada1,
  • 15th largest manager of Canadian pension assets2,
  • a trusted wealth management firm for so many - including over $35.9 billion across a diverse selection of retail mutual funds, pension funds and other institutional funds2.

We deliver innovative investment solutions for plan members through Sun Life Group Retirement Services. As part of the Sun Life group of companies, we have deep insight into member trends and investment behaviour. This insight gives us the ability to develop investment solutions that may help your members meet their long-term goals.

Strength of Sun Life

Our parent company was established in 1865. And in the past 155 years, Sun Life has served Canadians through depressions, wars, financial crises, and even two pandemics.

Sun Life is trusted with more than $1 trillion dollars in assets under management4. With offices in nearly 20 countries, this scale provides a broader global reach. Our insurance roots mean we have a strong risk-management culture, enabling us to manage the risks that concern investors today.

But the strength of our parent company is just one of the ways we are built differently.

What sets Sun Life Global Investments apart?

  • We have a broad opportunity set

    Our open architecture approach means we are not limited to proprietary or sub-advisory solutions. We can select the best investment solutions around the world across any asset class, any region and any manager.

  • We challenge the status quo

    We continually assess and work to improve the risk/reward profile of our portfolios. In today’s complex market, you can’t wait three years for an in-depth review – you must adapt and evolve on a regular basis to reflect structural market changes.

  • We seek multiple sources of returns

    Increased longevity and a low interest rate environment means the future of many plan members could be underfunded. Solving the retirement gap requires more than a single strategy – which is why we seek multiple sources of returns.

1 Canadian Institutional Investment Network’s top 40 money managers. November 2022 report (June 2022 data); 

2 As of March 31, 2023. Includes Institutional, Mutual Funds, and Sun Life GIFs only, and excludes Payout Annuities, Insurance GICs, Trust GICs.

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All investment solutions are offered as segregated funds for group retirement plans exclusively by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, through Sun Life Group Retirement Services, a member of the Sun Life group of companies.


Sun Life Global Investments is a trade name of SLGI Asset Management Inc., Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, and Sun Life Financial Trust Inc. 

SLGI Asset Management Inc. is the investment manager of the Sun Life Mutual Funds.

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