Sun Life Granite Solutions

Helping plan members achieve a better retirement outcome for more than a decade

Discover Sun Life Global Investments’ flagship family of investment solutions.

Helping plan members achieve a better retirement outcome for more than a decade

Discover Sun Life Global Investments’ flagship family of investment solutions.

Our Granite solutions

Granite Target Date

Plan members choose the year they plan to retire and our team automatically adjusts the asset mix as the fund gets closer to its maturity date and plan members get closer to retirement.

Granite Multi-Risk Target Date

Plan members first choose the year they plan to retire, and then their comfort risk level (conservative, moderate or aggressive). Available in 5-year increments from 2025 to 2060i, maturing into Granite Retirement Fund.

Granite Target Risk

Five managed solutions designed to match with your plan members’ risk tolerance: conservative, moderate, balanced, growth and aggressive.

Granite Income

Two solutions (Income and Enhanced Income) focused on income generation with reinvested monthly distributions.

A strong foundation

The Granite funds seek multiple sources of returns, resulting from:

Open architecture

We can invest in any asset class, any region, and any manager. Our broadened opportunity gives our team the flexibility to effectively respond to structural market changes and evolve the Granite strategic asset mix over time – providing strong risk management.

Broader diversification

The Granite portfolios are diversified across a broad spectrum of asset classes, including:

Specialty equity (real estate, infrastructure, natural resources)

Specialty fixed income (private fixed income, commercial mortgages, high yield bonds, emerging markets debt)

Core fixed income and equity

A variety of styles and capitalizations

Multi-manager approach

We only invest with managers we believe to be the best in category – we are not bound by any limitations or contractual obligations.

Strategic blend of active & passive

Active and passive enables each other. Active management is used to help maximize returns, reduce volatility, provide downside protection and manage through difficult market environments. Passive strategies are used to help gain cost-effective exposure to efficient markets, in turn allowing the team to add exposure to more costly, non-traditional assets classes.

Repeatable 4-step process

The team follows a disciplined, four-step investment process to build and manage each portfolio.

Step 1: Strategic asset allocation Long term asset mix based on maximizing return for a given level of risk.
Step 2: Manager (and fund) selection The team takes advantage of Sun Life’s global relationships to conduct a rigorous selection process. They identify best-in-class asset managers and funds from around the world, helping to reduce specific risks.
Step 3: Tactical asset allocation of three levers The team can tactically adjust the asset mix, asset class and/or style weightings to take advantage of potentially attractive opportunities from a risk-adjusted and capital preservation perspective. Tactical shifts are gradual and made within pre-determined guidelines.
Step 4: Portfolio monitoring and review The team continually monitors the assumptions, models, managers and economic conditions.

i The 2060 maturity fund was added July 2, 2019. Sun Life Granite 2025 Fund DSC options is closed to new purchases as of July 1, 2018. LSC will close in 2022 for the 2025 fund.

All investment solutions are offered as segregated funds for group retirement plans exclusively by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, through Sun Life Group Retirement Services, a member of the Sun Life group of companies.


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