Granite Target Date Funds

Not all target date funds are created equal.

What more do Granite TDFs offer? 

Broader diversification. 

Granite TDFs are invested across 15-20 asset classes including traditional and specialty asset classes that you cannot access in many other TDFs.

Open architecture. 

No fund manager can be the best at everything. That’s why we research fund managers around the world—and we only invest our Granite TDFs with fund managers we believe are best in class.

Strategic blend of active and passive.

Which is best: active or passive management? We believe both styles excel in different asset classes, and can be great complements to each other—which is why Granite TDFs invest in both.


Our investment experts have the flexibility to adjust the asset mix, asset classes or investment styles to respond to market events, control risks, or take advantage of opportunities.

ESG integration.

All fund managers in Granite funds must clearly show how environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations factor into their investment analysis and decision-making.

Building target date funds for the best possible retirement outcome 

In our ever-evolving world, we know we must continually enhance and fine-tune our investments to keep pace with the diverse needs of Canadians.  

That’s why our Multi-Asset Solutions team formally reviews the glidepaths and long-term strategic target allocations of the Granite Target Date Funds (Granite TDFs) every year. They employ in-depth analysis and stress-testing to ensure Granite TDFs deliver the best possible outcome for plan members at, and through retirement.   

And this year’s review is leading to a number of exciting enhancements that will benefit all plan members invested in Granite TDFs:

Optimizing growth potential

by increasing equity across the glidepath and landing points.

Improving risk/return profile

by adding direct global infrastructure, direct real estate and liquid alternatives.

Strengthening style diversification

by adding a pure international value equity manager.

Additional choice and flexibility

with three retirement options: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive.

Want the details? 

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